Why is good wireless so important in the workplace?

The need for wireless connectivity in the workplace is now a necessity as opposed to a nice to have. Employees expect to be able to connect wirelessly in any location and receive the same experience as being at their desk.

TetracoreIT has the capability to provide  design, implementation and validation services for the delivery of high-quality wireless networks using the latest tools and techniques.

What is an TetracoreIT RF Survey?

An TetracoreIT RF Survey and Wireless design audit will enable you to determine the health of your corporate wireless solution to identify key areas where improvements are necessary to support the needs of your business and people.

An TetracoreIT RF Survey will not instantly improve your wireless, but it will provide you with a detailed report and recommendations explaining how to make the best use of wireless within your office space. TetracoreIT will outline the steps needed to make your wireless great!

Why conduct an TetracoreIT RF Survey?

An TetracoreIT RF survey allows you to examine your wireless solution to see what’s actually going on “under the hood”. It measures and confirms all the essential ingredients such as coverage & signal strength, as well as providing a lot of other information to evaluate your RF design such as; Are your channels too wide? Is your power too high? It can tell you if an AP is overloaded with too many clients and identify interference from sources you might not even realise were a potential issue. In addition to this, it can help identify all the usual suspects such as neighbouring wireless networks, microwaves, Bluetooth devices or potentially any wireless device.

Benefits of an TetracoreIT RF Survey for your office


We all know how annoying slow wireless is and flexible working, hot desking and connecting personal devices to the office wireless is becoming the norm in modern workplaces. An TetracoreIT RF Survey gives you insight as to whether there could be issues such as overloaded Wireless Access Points (WAP) and if acted upon, ensures that every staff member has optimised wireless coverage.


An TetracoreIT RF Survey gives you the ability to plan the layout of your office. Common office appliances such as microwaves, nearby phone masts or DAS (Distributed Antenna System) systems can all interfere with the signal and performance of your wireless network. Understanding where to put WAP (Wireless Access Points) and Routers is important when designing the layout of your office space with wireless coverage in mind.


With the advent of universal usage of video conferencing, flexible working, share spaces and collaboration tools, corporate wireless networks have never been required to deliver more for the user community than now. An TetracoreIT RF Survey and Report gives you the information you need to optimise your wireless solution and deliver a premium service to your users.

What your TetracoreIT RF Survey and Report includes

An TetracoreIT wireless expert will attend your premises with specialist equipment to ‘listen’ to your wireless. The data collected is then interpreted by our wireless experts and a strength/weakness heatmap is overlaid to the office floorplans, providing a graphical illustration of the current performance of the network.

Our network specialists will then examine and evaluate the captured data and identify areas of concern. There are often multiple factors to consider and address. This could involve the need to increase the access point density and/or the need to “tune” some settings on the wireless controller to achieve the best possible results.

All of the issues and a prioritised list of recommended remediation activities will provided in a detailed report which will be shared and discussed with you to ensure you fully understand the results and their implications.

Meet Jeff, one of our experienced RF Surveyors. Here is what he will be doing in your office space

Hi I am Jeff! One of TetracoreIT’s Wireless Engineers. I’ve been working on wireless for the last 10 years and here is what I will be doing in your office.

1. Firstly, I need a detailed floorplan of your office space from you, prior to attending site

2. I will then come to site with one of our Ekahau survey tools and pace up and down your office recording the signal strength at each spot (and getting past my 10000 steps for the day)

3. I’ll then go away, analyse the data and provide you a full report, including with recommendations for improvements, so you and your staff do not have to suffer from bad wireless!

Check out our White Paper for a better idea of what the report looks like, I have added some RF mapping examples in there.