Network Management

Unsure what’s going on in your network? Do you actually know when a link fails and resilience kicks in? Do you know how much bandwidth you are utilising? Are your devices backed-up? Are they secured correctly without using static passwords? TetracoreIT provide a comprehensive cloud-based network management system “TetracoreIT Hosted Managed Platform” or “THMP”. The platform is ever evolving with new tooling being developed and added daily. Here’s what we can do;

  • Device up time monitoring
  • Capacity management and trend reporting
  • Device inventory and EOL management
  • Device configuration backup
  • Latency trends and detection
  • Route table monitoring
  • Syslog collection
  • Alerting, automatic ticket generation and reporting
  • Device authentication (O365, GSuite, or OTP)

The Tetracore THMP is a service that provides an all-encompassing, bespoke, management and monitoring solution. Outsourcing this service reduces the internal overhead of providing a network support team, ensures management accuracy through the use of a tailored monitoring platform that can be customised to your needs. Our OHMP can integrate with your support functions and processes to ensure complete management of the estate.

Network as a Service (NaaS)

Remove the operational overhead of running your network and procure your network as a service. Your network only needs a minimal on-site foot print, the access element of the switches and wireless access-points will be fully maintained and monitored remotely. TetracoreIT can provide resilient up-links provided over SDWAN into your private/public cloud.